ITSA Annual Meeting

October 11-13, 2017
Aburquerque, New Mexico

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2017 ITSA Annual Membership Meeting

ITSA 2017 Fall Meeting Call for Speakers

The general theme will be “Evaluation of Thermal Spray Coatings”

Members who have desire or who are aware of those who are interested in speaking at fall meeting can submit to be added to main program in regards to:

  • Coating evaluation in the spray booth
  • Lab evaluation of mechanical and metallurgical properties of thermal sprayed coatings
  • Common coating evaluation issues, and solutions
  • Advancements in Image Analysis and/or traditional methods of measuring porosity and coating microstructural features.
  • Advanced methods in coating evaluation

Speakers may represent equipment manufacturers, commercial laboratories, spray shops and end users in area of aerospace, IGT, oil and gas, medical and commercial applications wherever coating evaluation is performed as routine quality tool.

Speakers who are using or developing advancements in coating evaluation are encouraged to apply.